DEVIATION and CONSEQUENCE, towards a new (r)evolution | 2008



DEVIATION and CONSEQUENCE, towards a new (r)evolution, is a video installation that works as the remake of IT'S OK (united), #1#2#3, three steps to a (r)evolution. If the previous project, finished in 2006, presented a critical approach to the western cultural and educational system (with emphasis on the North-American case) – and where notions of assertiveness, security, power, and control were deconstructed through new lyrics applied to the American anthem – the Portuguese version departures from the same premises.The video consists of two simultaneous projections, side by side, showing the co-creation process of new phrases for the national song: the protagonists of such action are African-Portuguese, and the main scenario is the Cova da Moura neighborhood, in Lisbon. During twenty-two minutes, in a both artistic and documental tone, themes related to identity, otherness, displacement, cultural difference, the feeling of exile and/or belonging, are revealed and intensified.In the new trans-national anthem, the lyrics make visible what each one of the performers feel and think of the hosting culture. In the words of João Pinharanda, “[we] get closer to a version of the A Portuguesa, from its interpretation, understanding, and distortion by members of the African emigrants community, who attempt to sing it by introducing in the words and rhythm literal and emotional significations, reasons from other identities and temporalities.”Constituted as a space for entertainment, game and irony, DEVIATION and CONSEQUENCE, towards a new (r)evolution, reaches above all political and socio-cultural dimensions, committed to the construction of a collective speech by all of the portrayed people.Excerpts of texts by Antero de Quental, Fernando Pessoa, and José Gil are an integral part of the installation, intellectually re-focusing the video, and contextualizing ideas about Portugal endlessly repeated and maintained.


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   josé carlos teixeira