38 minutes of anthropology (strangers to ourselves) | 2005-06


38 minutes of anthropology is a video that explores issues of displacement, home/exile, foreignness, language, and identity. In a time where globalization and mobility are praised as fundamental and unavoidable aspects of a new century, this artistic documentary seeks the implications and effects of people’s journeys and displacements, trying to find or question the possibility of finding a place in the world.

Through a series of conversations and interviews, there is a search for an intimate and confessional mode where the core of these realities can be approached in a non-conclusive way: just pointing out and leaving it open for further reflection.

Assumedly an exercise of psychological transfer and alter egos, this project brings up the question of the Other, as not only the one estranged from us, but that one inside us, as Julia Kristeva states in her seminal work “Strangers to Ourselves”:

Shall we be, intimately and subjectively, able to live with the others, to live as others, without ostracism but also without leveling? The question arises again: no longer that of welcoming the foreigner within a system that obliterates him but of promoting the togetherness of those foreigners that we all recognize ourselves to be.

(…) Living with the other, with the foreigner, confronts us with the possibility or not of being an Other. It is not simply a matter of our being able to accept the other, but of being in his place, and this means to imagine and make oneself other for oneself.


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   josé carlos teixeira