It’s OK (united) #1 #2 #3 – three steps to a (r)evolution | 2004-2006


It’s OK (united) #1 #2 #3 – three steps to a (r)evolution is a video that departures from a critical reflection around dominant educational, social and political premises in the West. Appropriating the American national anthem and creating different lyrics for such music, the piece subverts ironically the founding principles of behaviors and attitudes taken as normal, positive and correct. This whole piece is the result of three versions: the first as a collaboration with five children, all of them American citizens, despite their “accidental” Hispanic ascendancy; the second as an experiment around the failure of the project in a high school setting; and the third one as the final achievement of having a whole classroom singing those lyrics. The author-performer, simultaneously conductor-teacher, appeals to an engagement with a learning that values the uncertainty, and the doubt, against pre-assumptions such as success, safety, or power. Therefore, It’s OK (united) enunciates ethics not dissociated from aesthetics, and aims to a discourse about contemporary sociological and psychological issues as globalization, emmigration and immigration, integration and/or the frustration in the failure of the democratic ideals.


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   josé carlos teixeira