Shipwreck | 2004-2005


Addressing a psychological density and architectural depth as other previous works and presenting a different kind of confrontation between viewer and image, “Shipwreck” (2004) is a video installation based on a reflection about the human condition, addressing states of loneliness and isolation as aspects of contemporary life. This audiovisual project consists of two large video-projections, geographically opposite in a large room. The spectators cannot reach them simultaneously, and by walking between the screens and placing themselves in the middle point of the installation they fill the place of absence left by the video-characters. The performative nature of the images establishes a relationship of tension between a female and a male character: two urban castaways, both in a symbolic and literal way. Far away from each other yet also behaving like mirror images, these strangers keep a mute restlessness within their visual confrontation – they are not together because are incapable of it. By introducing concepts of body, time and memory, these two wet people represent a line of history, in spite of the lack of information about where they came, who they are and where they will go.


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   josé carlos teixeira