The Books of Light & Schizophrenia | 2005-2006



“The Books of Light & Schizophrenia”, conceived as a video-installation with four monitors, is a project based somehow on a poetic and self-referential process.  Ideas of contingence, time passage, existence, selfhood, otherness, confession, intimacy, and violence are addressed. Delineating simultaneous linear and non-linear narratives, the installation starts with a metaphorical storm when the expectant character receives a surprising water wave, reinitiating from that point on a whole new countdown that builds upon the previous one. The second part unfolds a tormented love story where only a text-novel within a white screen makes appearance. Aggressive piece in the confrontation it entails, it opens the possibility of an existentialist mood, a cultural anxiety and destabilization of the viewer. The third screen, probably the most vague and enigmatic one, sets up another evocative dimension through appropriation of a particular footage: there is the death, the burial, the witnessing of an event, and the repeated gesture of erasure. Lastly, the fourth video screen displays the representation of a freeway travel, a window and the outside rain coming and fading away. Beyond its obvious phenomenological qualities, this final video refers back to a lack of placement, to a constant movement of leaving behind and moving forward.


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   josé carlos teixeira