Take me home | 2003



“Take me home” (2003) is a piece that may also be connected to the theme of urban shipwreck/disruption. This video shares similar cinematic influences and also stresses ideas of pain, loneliness, fragmentation, and the questioning of a one’s place in the world. Between metaphor and literal representation, the image of “Take me home” is challenged by the predominance of the audio. Appropriating, juxtaposing and recreating sounds from different sources, such as movies and songs, I activate simultaneous directions, and therefore build a space of evocation for the viewer. Due to its cyclical structure, the work is both a physical and a psychological journey, driving oneself to nowhere – ultimately, ‘take me home’ is an almost impossible request. Moreover, the extremely emotional level plays here a role as existential border compared to the subtleness of “Shipwreck”.


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   josé carlos teixeira