The Fall - o exercício da queda | 2012



This video project stems from a highly personal premise and is based on a participatory and collaborative event.  Starting from the definition of "fall", which in the English semantics adopts several meanings and interpretations, the piece advances into an investigation both visual and theoretical.
Considering the literal and performative potential of such concept, but also the symbolic and metaphorical connotations associated with it, a wide range of participants was invited to interact with the artist in a scenic space (a theatre stage). Embracing issues of otherness (both in its external and internal dimensions) the piece explores levels of truth, trust, staging, performativity and (self-)representation.
What does it mean to be on a stage? What gaze looks back at me? The final outcome is a quiet, intimate and yet powerful video-essay that incorporates words and gestures, consequences of one single request: to fall.


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   josé carlos teixeira